Welcome to Australia’s only slow swing, blues and balboa event! A unique and innovative event in the Australian Swing dance calendar, Slowdown brings together the Lindy Hop, Blues and Balboa community in an inspirational weekend of slow dance – and it’s back for 2017!

Featuring workshops by some of Australia’s finest teachers across all styles, each will bring their unique and diverse perspectives on slow dancing and provide second to none expertise and creativity. Whatever your style, there will be workshops and music tailored to you.

What were the best things about Slowdown?

“The overwhelming joy coming from every dancer, knowing there are so many ways to dance slow, and knowing we all have that freedom.”

“The whole weekend was brilliant, I couldn’t choose just one standout moment. It was such a special event and I really hope Slowdown becomes a regular feature on the Australian swing calendar.”

~ Dancers who attended the inaugural Slowdown in 2015.

Photography by Greg Stoodley.

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