Slowdown Weekend 2018 teachers: Cathie GoughCathie Gough, one of Slowdown’s organisers, is thrilled to be co-presenting Slowdown and teaching alongside some of Australia’s most talented swing, blues and balboa dancers.

With a strong background in gymnastics and jazz dancing, Cathie discovered swing dancing in 2003, and was well and truly hooked straight away. Throughout the last 12 years, Cathie has been privileged to dance, perform, compete, teach and judge all styles of swing dancing around Australia, in New Zealand and in London, and has co-taught swing performance troupes for six years.

Cathie enjoys encouraging students to actively embrace their own individual style while trying new things their dancing. With a passion for people, she thrives on teaching to all levels of dancers, no matter what their pace. Cathie has a genuine warmth and personal approach to teaching and thoroughly enjoys sharing one of the happiest dances in the world.

Cathie is the proud founder of Savoy Dance, teaching swing weekly in Canberra. She loves meeting new people and can’t wait to join you on the dance floor in October.