Slowdown Weekend 2018 teachers: Kara MartinKara Martin has always loved dancing, firstly on her Dad’s toes and later in jazz ballet classes, but it wasn’t until 2003 that Kara’s groove found its anchor in swing dancing. Her love of blues and balboa followed shortly after.

She began teaching in 2005 and since then has travelled all around Australia and to New Zealand teaching and sharing her passion for swing dancing. As a teacher, Kara’s aim is to inspire people to want to learn and develop their own style. She is a seasoned dance traveller and her support of both national and international competitions and exchanges is as well-known as her infectious smile and dynamic dance style.

Hailing from Hobart, Kara was co-director of FootNotes Dance and founder of Hobart’s first and much loved swing exchange, Devil City Swing. She now calls Melbourne home and co-anchors the infamous North Melbourne with Nial Bruce.