Slowdown Weekend 2018 African teacher: Kate TicehurstKate Ticehurst is new to the teaching line up of Slowdown and is arguably Canberra’s best and most loved African Brazilian dance teacher. Kate is the director of Subsdance Dance Studio and Glamourosas Brazilian Entertainment in Canberra. She has been a dancer for 20 years, specializing in Brazilian cultural dances for the last 12  years specifically Samba and Afro Brazilian dance. Kate has performed in Rio Carnaval and has learned from some of the most well known teachers in the world for Samba No Pe and Afro Brazilian Dance, including one on one time with Rosangela Silvestre, creator of the ‘Silvestre Technique’and teacher to some of the best ballet and Afro Contemporary dances in the world.

‘The stories of the ‘Orixa’ spirits of African religions Candomble and Yoruba inspired Kate to learn more about this dance movement. The stories are relatable to our own lives, the dance style is so freeing and empowering. Her style is a combination of Orixa inspired movement  (which helps us have a better connection with ourselves) and afro dance movement. It is a dance which really gets you in touch with yourself, it is very grounding and forfulling.  Come and share in the amazing feeling on the Sunday of Slowdown!