Slowdown Weekend 2018 teachers: Kenneth GosnoldNow living in Perth, Kenneth Gosnold started dancing in Adelaide before travelling across Australia, Asia, Europe and America, attending workshops and learning everywhere he went. Kenneth‘s love of dance comes from a love of the music. Playing the piano his whole life, he enjoys interacting with the music through his dancing and communicating this to his dance partners. When he’s teaching he enjoys encouraging his students to play with rhythms and seeing how people hear and see it. Kenneth loves watching how different people interpret the same music and how they make it work for the way their own bodies move. He loves both Blues dancing and fast Lindy Hop and the techniques they share. Kenneth‘s love for swing and Blues took him around the world but his main passion is for helping and watching the Australian scene grow into the amazing place it is now he can not wait to share what he’s learnt at Slowdown this year!