Slowdown Weekend 2018 teachers: Shaz CallahanShaz Callaghan loves all kinds of music. She loves the kind that makes you want to holler, tap your feet, shimmy all over, hold someone close, shake what your mama gave you, or shuffle off to Buffalo. For Shaz it doesn’t get better than music and dancing, whether it’s having a boogie in her lounge room or swinging out on a packed ballroom floor in New York City.

Shaz has an unparalleled understanding of body movement, musicality and rhythm and is sought after as a teacher’s teacher! She is also one of Australia’s most acclaimed choreographers and this year we offer you a chance to learn and perform a piece from Shaz. Her work is imbued with emotion and will challenge and inspire you.

Join us at Slowdown 2018 for “Slow jazz with Shaz”!