Slowdown Weekend 2018 teachers: Shob NambiarFor Shob Nambiar, one of Slowdown’s organisers, bringing the idea of Slowdown to life is simply a dream come true.  She has been dancing since age 5 and brings that lifelong passion to her swing dancing.

She has a special love for the beautiful connection, conversation and freedom that exists in slow dancing and regularly dances and teaches slow lindy, blues and balboa…constantly finding new avenues of challenge and discovery.  With her partner Andy Fodor, she holds 5 consecutive Australian titles in Slow Lindy and Blues and has taught all over Australia, NZ and even London!  Her teaching comes from the heart and a deep desire to allow her students to be their very best selves on the dance floor. She is thrilled and proud to be on the Slowdown teaching team, and looks forward to dance with you in October.