Slowdown Weekend 2018 teachers: Steve LadeSteve Lade sampled a variety of dance styles from salsa to contact improvisation before finding lindy hop in Canberra in 2010. He thought his love was found, but then blues came along, swept him off his feet, and he has never looked back. Steve has lived overseas for for the last seven years, where he taught regularly in Stockholm and found success in competitions at the biggest blues dance events in Europe – with a collection of firsts and places in solo and Mix ‘n’ Match competitions at Drag the Blues, Double Shot Blues, Berlin Blues Explosion, Feelin’ Blues and the Spoonful – and, with one foray into the US, finals in Strictly Blues at the most prestigious blues dance event of them all, BluesSHOUT!

Steve is passionate about the huge variety and complex history of blues music and the blues dance that accompanies it, ranging from slow and sensual to fast and sweaty. In solo dancing, he exudes musicality. In partner blues dancing, Steve values communication and play, between dancers as well as with the music!