We’re excited to present the schedule of workshops for the weekend, so you can start to plan your Slowdown days!

Saturday 13 October Schedule

Saturday 2018 Schedule

Sunday 14 October Schedule

Sunday 2018 Schedule


Both days of workshops will be held at Merici College, Wise street, Braddon.

Merici College hosts the Gym and O’Donnell Youth Centre (OYC) and is on the corner of Wise Street, Ipima Street and Limestone Ave, Braddon

Workshops will run on Saturday from 11.00am —5.30pm, and on Sunday from 11.45am-5.30pm, with an afternoon tea break on both days.

You can park at Merici College and walk between all three workshops venues.

Below are some guidelines for deciding which workshop level is right for you. The unique format of the schedule means you don’t sign up for a stream, but create your own journey as the weekend progresses.  We understand that someone who is quite advanced in one style may be new to another. Exploring all featured styles is what the weekend is all about.

LEVEL (no *) – Fundamentals
Understand the basics of a style and can lay the foundations of extraordinary dancing.  You understand questions like “how do I make a great weight change in Blues”, “what are the building blocks of Slow Bal” or “how do I make my swing out look and feel amazing at slower paces”.  These classes won’t be “easy” but are aimed at dancers new to certain styles. For dancers who have been dancing a little longer, our experienced teaching team know how to challenge dancers of all levels.

LEVEL * – Challenge
For those well grounded in the fundamentals of a style who want to stretch themselves, with rhythms, connection, expression and quality of movement.

LEVEL ** – Challenge Plus
Here is where we unleash the teachers and let them throw down their best stuff.  Bring an “advanced” attitude, humility, attention to detail, focus and a willingness to push yourself.

Blues Class Schedule

Blues Class Schedule